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Gulf Canada delivers excellence in comprehensive petroleum services.

Why Gulf Canada?

With over a century of experience providing quality petroleum products to independent networks, Gulf Canada drives long-term growth for local dealers. From our first drive-through petroleum station in 1913 to the expansive international network today, Gulf Oil's promise has always been to deliver winning relationships that take you where you want to be.

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Gulf Canada Dealer

Join an expansive network with a rich history of providing quality petroleum products. We offer flexible options that allow petroleum retailers to run their business their way, which means you can enjoy the benefits of working with a major brand and maintain entrepreneurial independence in your pricing, promotions and other revenue streams.

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XTR Dealer

Work with one of the largest coast-to-coast independent petroleum networks, with a number of unique support programs to help dealers like you grow your volume and increase customer loyalty. Our coast-to-coast network of gas stations is 100% dealer owned and operated, with secure fuel supply delivered in a timely manner.

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Wholesale Fuels

Through steady supply from major Canadian and international refiners, Gulf Canada ensures the highest quality of its products with the lowest market prices. We provide you with the fuel you need, quickly and easily. From conventional gasoline to heating oil products, browse our wide array of fuel offerings.

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Fleet Services

No matter the size, manage your fleet with ease using Gulf Canada's comprehensive fleet services. Complete with detailed reporting and purchase controls, our fleet services help you grow your volume and establish customer loyalty.

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“I’ve seen a large increase in my site’s volume, which would not have been possible without the team’s continuous support. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship for generations to come.”

Barbara and George BoudreauNova Scotia

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