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Commitment to Growth

Gulf Canada delivers quality petroleum products, long-term winning relationships, and the drive to take you where you want to be. With local flexibility that allows you to run your business your way, Gulf Canada offers the benefits of working with a major brand while maintaining your entrepreneurial independence with pricing, promotions and other revenue streams.

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Quality Products and Pricing

Gulf Canada delivers a comprehensive line of quality petroleum products produced locally by major Canadian refiners. Among ever-changing and unstable petroleum prices, Gulf Canada ensures that you always have options. From best-in-class volume payments to point-of-sales processing rates, Gulf commits to a high standard that leads to successful partnerships.

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Growing Brand Investment

Gulf Canada works tirelessly with dealers to maximize the brand impact at your facility. No matter the size of the station, Gulf Canada has branding solutions that meet international guidelines. The Gulf brand is showcased around the world through various sponsorships and events, and Gulf Oil International works behind the scenes to increase global awareness. Case-studies from dealers around the world show that the iconic orange disc attracts customers and increase volume.

An Enduring History

With over a century of experience providing quality petroleum products to independent networks, Gulf Canada drives long-term growth for local dealers. From our first drive-through petroleum station in 1913 to the expansive international network today, the limitless potential of Gulf's brand drives our value and is recognized across the world.

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