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Customized Solutions Designed for Growth

The XTR Dealer program helps individuals who own or lease a gas station franchise thrive. XTR provides a clean, crisp professional image and complete branding package that stands out. In addition, XTR Dealers have access to our industry-leading point-of-sales solutions, as well as the entirety of the XTReme Care Package.

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No Corporately Owned Facilities

At XTR, we don't compete with our dealers through corporate-owned facilities. Our coast-to-coast network of gas stations is 100% dealer owned and operated. Because our business is your business, XTR has developed a number of unique support programs to help dealers like you grow your volume and increase customer loyalty.

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Prices with XTR

Competitive Pricing

Thanks to our diverse product supply channels, XTR protects dealers from product shortages and ensures competitive pricing. We constantly negotiate with suppliers and haulers with the mission to provide our dealers the with lowest product cost.

Pricing Options

  • Buy/Sell
  • Regulated Pricing (only in NB, NS & PEI)
  • Inventory Consignment

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Reliable Product Stability

XTR secures fuel supply agreements with a variety of major Canadian and international oil refiners, allowing us to access all terminals across Canada. Our secure supply from a variety of refiners and terminals enables XTR to deliver quality products in a timely manner. 

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Enhance Your
Street Appeal

Retail Branding

Our experienced team works with you to customize our brand and maximize your return on capital investment. Whether you intend to re-vamp your site to increase customer attraction, expand consumer offerings through new revenue streams or simply update some aging equipment, XTR is ready to invest in your long term success.

With region-specific designations, our customer support team has a localized understanding of day-to-day operations. Your dedicated XTR customer service and support representative will get to know you and your business, and support your continued growth.

The exterior of an XTR gas station in Salisbury

Facility Upgrades

XTR has access to discounted equipment leasing and mortgage financing programs which we make available to our entire dealer network. Our commitment to long-term successful growth is second to none, and enables you to build your sales and increase revenue opportunities.

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Driving Sales with
State-of-the-Art Systems

The backbone of your sales is a high-speed customized petroleum point-of-sales terminal that meets stringent industry requirements. We are 100% Chip & Pin Enabled and accept all fleet & credit cards in addition to XTR's Xpress Pass.

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Accepted Payments

American Express credit card ARI credit card Bell credit card Carte Capital credit card Corp Rate credit card Diners Club credit card Discover Card credit card FOSS credit card GE credit card Interac card MasterCard credit card PHH Service credit card TLS credit card Visa credit card Xpress Pass credit card

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